It is our policy to achieve a high standard of environmental care in conducting its business as a Quarry Products manufacturing and supply company contributing to society’s material needs. Our approach to environmental management seeks continuous improvement in performance by taking account of evolving scientific knowledge and community expectations in direct consultation with government agencies.

Being a proud recipient of the environmental award for year 2014 from the Kerala state government, is a proof of acceptance to our commitments to the future generations and the Mother Nature.

Our Quality objective is to consistently supply our customers a quality of service and product that meets or exceeds their needs and expectations. This we believe is realistic and achievable as we have adopted the approach of “doing the job right every time and on time”. Thus, we aim to provide reliable Technical and Sales support services, with a focus on the production and delivery of quality quarry and landscape products to our Customers.

Along with this, our objective is to use the Company’s Quality Management System to assist in achieving and exceeding our Company’s business goals and objectives.

Commitment to our policy and objectives is maintained by conducting training of all staff in regard to this policy and its subsequent Quality Manual, conducting reviews, internal audits, and other training and activities such as correction or prevention of nonconformities